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Web Design Services

Web Design Services

At EzeeTec, we believe that your web site should exist to improve the communication between your organisation and its customers; to provide a dynamic and modern two-way interface for your organisation; to offer an insight into the products, services and/or values your organisation has to offer; and also to allow the organisation to market their products/services effectively via the internet. All this is done in an easy, professional and friendly manner. Our mission is to help you accomplish your objectives using the internet; with full support at all stages of the process.

Ezetec IT Solutions, delivering creative and responsive (All devices) web site design and application development throughout the International market.

We believe that professional and creative web design should be at the front of every successful business. As lot of businesses going online than ever before, distinguishing yourself from the crowd has never been so important.

“Mobile first”, is the modern concept of web designs today as android like devices and mobile phones not understanding to view old fashion websites well. We give you a guarantee for your website to have total responsiveness for mobile devices and various screen sizes.but one thing you should bear in your mind that we will be the cheapest in the world market.please talk to our sales team to discuss about your needs.

All Bascic packages include:

*   Home page, 'About us' page, 'Contact us' page and a profile / products page.

*  The complete, all-inclusive, bespoke design and construction of your web-site to your satisfaction;

*  The inclusion of your agreed text and all graphics and navigation elements (i.e. buttons, hyperlinks);

*   full compliance with W3C, Disability Discrimination, Access and Inclusion guidelines;

*   the registration and full set-up of one free domain name;

*   the set-up of your e-mail accounts/auto response services;

*   the set-up of FTP accounts (to upload files to your domain name);

*   the uploading of your web-site once complete;

*   the addition of META tags (to help improve the ranking of your site in search engines);

*  the submission of your web-site to major search engines; and

*  all necessary face-to-face meetings, project management and two way communication;

*  the provision of full support in order for you to get your site online and begin using your e-mail facility;

 and please contact our sales team for other package details or you can go to pricing menu on the top and check it out.

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